• Our employees are our most valuable asset and we have the most highly trained and productive mechanical insulation professionals in our industry.
    • All of our employees have either completed or are enrolled in a rigorous 4 year 658 hour apprenticeship program. This includes over 8,000 hours of on the job training with qualified journey persons.
    • Not all mechanical insulation contractors invest in the training of their employees as Patriot Insulation Contractors does. Please consider asking the contractor you may presently award work to what their commitment is to training in the mechanical insulation industry.
    • Our employees receive training in the latest products, installation techniques and energy saving methodology in mechanical insulation to ensure our clients receive the most up to date and quality insulation system available on the market.
    • In addition to a financial commitment to training for our employees our management team works after hours assisting in the hands on training of not only apprentices but also journeyperson classes to introduce new techniques and installation methods in our trade.

Work Performed Safely, Professionally & Productively

    • Most importantly our employees participate in a comprehensive safety training program called Built Rite. This training program also awards our employees 10 hour OSHA outreach training certification. ¬†Before they begin work on any project they will receive this training which includes an end of course exam that requires an 85% or better score to pass. In addition there is an annual update and retraining that is required. Training records are available upon request.
    • We have a comprehensive safety and health program and foster a work environment that rewards safe work behaviors and attitudes. New employee orientation begins the process of ensuring our employees recognize that a safety first culture is not just a slogan but a way of life with our company.
    • Weekly safety meetings, a monthly safety incentive, and constant training on site specific safety standards is part of what we do to ensure we complete our work in a safe, workmanlike, and professional manner at a level above our peers. Our stated goal is ZERO accidents on all of our projects.